A Flock of Geezers



About The Flock

 A Flock of Geezers, collectively, make their home in or around Tacoma , WA, and can be spotted playing in various venues throughout the Puget Sound area.  Here's a little more about the individuals that make up this band of merry musicians...

Don Izenman is sometimes referred to as the leader of the group. He would like to think this is because he is the most talented and/or the best looking, but he is fairly certain it is because practice usually occurs in his living room. He plays guitar, sings lead and harmony vocals, and he has a very nice collection of hats.


Goodwin Trent has been making music with Don, in one form or another, for 15 years, and has also managed to remain friends with him through it all. Goodwin spent a large segment of his adult life in Alaska, which probably explains much about his quirky view of the world, which shows up in the lyrics he writes and the puns he is unable to suppress. He plays bass and sings lead and harmony vocals. His deep voice is well matched to his choice of instrument.


Stevie Carman like Don, is retired from a career carrying mail for the US Postal Service. He is our one migrating geezer, flying… or actually, driving a huge RV … south for much of the winter. As the days grow longer, our eyes are on the horizon, waiting for his pending arrival, turning this trio into a quartet. He plays guitar and sings lead and harmony vocals.


Brion Lundgren is the newest and youngest geezer. He started sitting in with us and very quickly became one of us. He’s a quick study, good with the sound mixing, a terrific harmony vocalist, and an all-around nice guy. He’s the one who put in the work to create our Facebook page and our web site. He plays mandolin and sings harmony vocals. He could sing some lead, as well, but seems a tad shy.  We’ll keep working on him.

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